Do you have a child’s birthday party around the corner? Don’t panic! If you want to give your child a fantastic birthday party you’ve come to the right place. Planning an event like this can be stressful at first, but you will see that, if you follow these steps, it’ll be much easier than you thought. Our advice? Make your child part of all the chores needed to organise their own party. This will make them feel important and responsible for the success of the party. Write down these tips to plan a child’s birthday party and get to it!

Venue, date and time

The first step to planning a child’s birthday party is to set a venue, a date and a start and end time. If you don’t have enough space at home for the occasion, you may choose to go to a public area (beach, forest, park…). Children will love being outdoors!


A child’s birthday party classic is invitations. Children love handing out their invitations to their friends! There are many options: buying invitations and filling in the party’s key details, making digital invitations and sending them by email (for older children) or, why not, encouraging your child to design their own invitations. Cardboard, stickers, paint… let their imagination run wild! They will enjoy being part of organising their own party from beginning to end.


No doubt, food is one of the key elements of every party. Even children’s birthday parties! Children tend to be the pickiest eaters. You can make little cups of yogurt and fruit, a variety of sandwiches, veggie crisps, nachos with guacamole, oat bars, homemade chocolate cake…and don’t forget that there might be someone who is gluten intolerant, so having gluten-free options is key, for example: delicious brownies, or this simple homemade cake. Don’t forget the drinks: make sure you have enough water and fresh juices. And, of course, you can’t forget the cake! If you need some ideas, write down this simple lemon pie recipe with BIO flour or this bundt cake with raspberries and pistachios. Truly original and irresistible!

Theme and decorations

Like any other event, decorations are another important aspect of a child’s birthday party. To make it easier, you can choose a specific theme. Ideally, the birthday boy or girl will choose the theme. You can have a theme party based on princesses, pirates, superheroes, animals… In which case, the normal thing to do is to have all decorations match the chosen theme: from cups and tablecloths to balloons or piñatas. You can also choose a more traditional decoration style, but make sure there are fun decorations like garlands, lanterns, streamers or balloons.

Let’s get this party started!

A child’s birthday party without music, games or entertainment is no party. Children get bored easily, so you need to have a lot of fun activities ready. Another option is to get professional entertainment for children’s parties. Clowns, magicians or children’s entertainers can make sure it is an unforgettable party, but remember that there are lots of different options (and, especially, cheaper ones). You can set up an arts and crafts table or a face-painting stall. Buy some masks and materials so children can design their own costumes, prepare a scavenger hunt or, why not, just play some of the classics (hide and seek, sack races, musical chairs…). There are unlimited options to have a great time and make your child’s party a total success!