There are as many types of pasta as there are sauces and ways of eating them. You might have asked yourself more than once what the best sauce for each pasta is and you might even have tried an endless stream of combinations. Of course, it is a personal choice, but below you will find some of our favourite combinations. 

Are you a classic carbonara sauce lover? This delicious sauce made with cream, bacon and egg will turn any of your pasta dishes into an absolute sensational meal. And although practically any pasta goes perfectly with the delicious carbonara sauce, we recommend trying it with Gallo’s egg fettuccine. An irresistible fusion of flavours!

Made with extra virgin olive oil, chopped basil, cheese, cashews and pine nuts, pesto sauce is perfect to flavour your pasta dishes, carpaccios or, why not, to dress tasty salads. Also, pesto sauce is the perfect match for Gallo’s gnocchi: an easy, healthy and fun way to eat potato that will especially captivate children. You can make this dish in the blink of an eye!

This is one of the most popular sauces in Italian cuisine. It is made with vegetables and lots of different spices. With its traditional flavour, it’s perfect with any type of pasta. However, today, we recommend you try it with our delicious tortiglioni. Given their shape and size, they will perfectly absorb the sauce and you will get an enticing dish. 

Our fresh parmesan cheese and pear sauce is an authentic explosion of flavours in your mouth. It’s the perfect match for our fresh pasta filled with wild mushrooms. Surprise your guests with a daring recipe and enjoy the exquisite fusion of sweet and savoury flavours. What are you waiting for?

Truffle sauce is ideal for the most discerning palates and it’s perfect to go with fresh filled pastas like the one filled with foie with apple bits. In just 3 minutes this delicious fresh pasta with truffle sauce will be ready. A combination of flavours worthy of your favourite restaurant, without leaving your home. Get these ingredients and prepare yourself for an exquisite dish. 

This parmesan cheese and pear fresh sauce is the perfect ingredient to brighten up any pasta dish. And not just that! You can also use it with meat or rice. We recommend combining it with a pasta as simple as it is delicious: spaghetti No. 3. A safe and tasty bet! Haven’t you tried it yet?

Achieving the perfect balance between texture contrast and flavours is key to enjoying an exquisite dish of pasta. Take the risk and explore endless flavours and unique combinations! Try Gallo’s wide range of pastas and sauces.