Pasta lovers: today we bring you five ideas for different sauces to make gourmet pasta. There are many ways to eat pasta and, of course, this food that everybody loves can become a dish worth celebrating. Read on to find out more about our favourite sauces to go with Gallo’s most exclusive pasta range: 1946 Selection.

Haven’t you tried our 1946 Selection pastas?

Haven’t you tried our 1946 Selection pasta?

Gallo’s 1946 Selection is the essence of pasta par excellence by Gallo. A pasta whose creation begins by choosing the best quality wheat, to be then shaped into bronze moulds following the traditional methods and creating a pasta with more bite and a texture that absorbs all the flavour of our sauces. Because of this, this pasta is the best option to enjoy the flavour of your favourite sauces. Here’s five ideas for different sauces to go with your gourmet pasta!

Truffle sauce

Truffles and pasta seem like a perfect match, don’t you think? Let yourself be seduced by this incredible  fresh truffle sauce. With its intense flavour, it’s perfect for the most discerning palates and ideal to go with any of Gallo’s 1946 Selection pastas.

Mushroom sauce 

An ideal autumn pasta dish: add a variety of mushrooms to your gourmet pasta and our fresh wild mushroom sauce, made with a varied mix of mushrooms and cheese. Enjoy!

Traditional Pesto

An excellent quality pasta doesn’t need many ingredients. If you love the flavour of basil, you must try our exquisite traditional pesto sauce. It’s made with the finest ingredients to give flavour to your pasta dishes. Simply take it out of the fridge and mix it with your cooked and drained pasta. Done!

Parmesan cheese and pear sauce

Those who love the boldest fusion of flavours will love this fresh sauce with parmesan cheese and pear. It’s perfect to go with any of the 1946 Selection pastas. Enjoy an irresistible sweet and savoury combination with your pasta al dente. A delicious dish in just a few minutes!

Napoletana sauce

For those who are more traditional and love tomato sauces in all their versions, a fantastic idea to dress a gourmet pasta is our Napoletana sauce. Tomato, plus a varied selection of vegetables and spices: a traditional flavour that will seduce children and adults alike. This option is always a winner!

We hope you have written down these sauce ideas for your gourmet pasta. Do you know the best part? Your lunch or dinner will be ready in just a few minutes, it’ll be very easy to make, and you won’t have to clean up much afterwards. Time to eat! Enjoy your favourite pasta!