Have you ever craved a big bowl of pasta but, because its high carbohydrate contents, you have ended up eating something else? It’s a more common situation than you might think. However, now at Pastas Gallo, we have the solution.

Bearing in mind that pasta is one of the basic ingredients of the nutritional pyramid and that its flavour and texture can captivate everyone… have you heard about Wholemeal Gallo Nature? Your usual pasta, now even healthier! Would you like to find out how it helps your body? Keep on reading.


Wholemeal Pasta Nature, the pasta that takes care of you

Since its creation, Wholemeal Gallo Nature has become one of the leading wholemeal pastas in the market. Its secret? Its careful production process. At Gallo we take care to maintain the essence and flavour of all our products. Therefore, we toast the wheat grain to perfection. It isn’t by chance that the flavour of our pasta can captivate everyone! 

When it comes to pasta, it’s important to take care of the original flavour and texture. How do we do it? Our specialists are responsible for having found the perfect recipe for our wholemeal products: taking extra care of all the ingredients. A good example is our Gallo Nature 100% Legume Pasta. As easy as preparing pasta and as appealing as a good legume dish.  

Would you like to find out more about the process?

Learn about our production process

At Pastas Gallo, our products are our true trademark. So we take extra care of our production process. For Wholemeal Gallo Nature, we toast the bran and the wheat germ at over 200ºC. This way, we are able to get that sweet flavour that you love so much.

During the later toasting process, we make sure to deactivate lipases. This way, we ensure that our pasta keeps perfectly so you can enjoy it whenever you like. Enjoying a unique texture has never been so easy!

This whole production process doesn’t affect the traditional essence and respects Gallo’s values to the maximum. Would you like to find out more benefits of our Wholemeal Gallo Nature range?

Say goodbye to calories!

Did you know that Wholemeal Gallo Nature doesn’t contain fats? Enjoy your usual pasta, but now, with much fewer calories! And without affecting its original flavour!

Heavy digestion? Forget about it!

Have you ever felt especially heavy after eating a good bowl of pasta? Forget about this forever with Wholemeal Gallo Nature.

One of the main ingredients that make up our pastas is bran. Your digestive system will improve immediately… Being more regular has never been so easy! 

All the nutrients you need

Our wholemeal pastas don’t contain fats… but they contain all the nutrients you need! Vitamin E, antioxidants, fibre and proteins… what else could you ask for? 

Reduces the risk of disease

There are many scientific studies supporting the choice of every ingredient in Wholemeal Gallo Nature. Flavour is not a game… and neither is your health! 

Maximum energy

Wholemeal pasta is the best source of carbohydrates. With Wholemeal Gallo Nature, your body will have everything it needs to face the day with maximum energy. 

Do you love cooking? Wholemeal Gallo Nature is all you need!

Do you love cooking and want to continue innovating? No problem! The wholemeal nature of our pastas doesn’t limit the number of recipes you can create. Wholemeal Gallo Nature has a flavour and texture that can delight everyone. Not even the most discerning palates will be able to tell the difference!

From Wholemeal ridged plumas with pesto and burrata for four people to Wholemeal plumas with pesto, asparagus and courgette. Different options with one common goal… enjoying food! If you haven’t started cooking yet… what are you waiting for?