Everyone wants a long, happy, successful and healthy life. Do you know that, with just a few adjustments to your routine, you can develop healthy habits that will help you improve your quality of life? Write them down and start now!

1. Stay hydrated

We are 60% water and, as you may know, good hydration levels are essential at all ages. To maintain an adequate water level in your body, you need to drink water -and other liquids- before you feel thirsty. Because, when you feel thirsty, your body may already be slightly dehydrated.

2. A Mediterranean diet as a lifestyle

Although there isn’t only one definition for a Mediterranean diet, it usually means eating seasonal products, vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds and olive oil. Turning this diet into a lifestyle has many benefits for your health. For example, it slows ageing and improves cardiovascular health, among other things.

3. Give up alcohol and sugary drinks

Even though the Mediterranean diet can include the occasional glass of red wine, you can’t overdo it. Likewise, you can’t consume too many alcoholic, sugary or high-calorie drinks. Choose water!

4. Don’t eat too much fatty food

Fats are necessary nutrients because, apart from being your main energy reserve, they form cell membranes, help transport some vitamins and, through some of them, the body generates specific hormones. Because of this, fats must be included in your diet, but in moderation. The Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SENC in Spanish) recommends using fats to supply between 30% to 35% of your body energy. If you are trying to add new healthy habits, monitor the quality of fats you eat and eliminate or reduce your consumption of trans fats as much as possible (processed baked goods, precooked products…).

5. Easy recipes for your everyday life

Are you not a great cook or simply don’t have enough time to cook? Make it easy! Choose easy recipes for your everyday life: grilled vegetables, fish or meat, salads, pasta, vegetable soups… when possible, add fresh and seasonal products to your diet and enjoy them at their best! 

6. Exercise every day

Long office hours and modern lifestyles make us more sedentary than we should be. Choosing to walk instead of driving or taking public transport, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator are some good ways to stay fit. Furthermore, including an exercise routine of just 30 minutes per day will help you boost your mental, physical and social wellbeing. 

What about you, how many of these healthy lifestyle habits do you already follow? If you are struggling to take the first step, try including one new habit each month. Without realising it, in just six months, you’ll have transformed your life.