Not having much time to cook dinner doesn’t mean you have to eat unhealthily.

Here are three ideas in just three steps to make an almost immediate and balanced dinner including all the different food groups.


  1. Dice an aubergine and cook it in the microwave with a tablespoon of olive oil until tender.
  2. Meanwhile, prepare a vinaigrette with oil, soy sauce and oregano.
  3. In a pan, sauté diced or strips of chicken breast and add freshly cooked Wholemeal Spaghetti.


  1. In a bowl, mix halved cherry tomatoes and 4-5 tablespoons of white cheese, such as Burgos or Ricotta.
  2. Crush the tomatoes and cheese with a fork and slowly add virgin olive oil and season.
  3. Add the freshly cooked pasta and rocket leaves and mix well.


  1. Mix freshly cooked tomato and spinach Tulipanes with sliced roast pepper, artichoke hearts, diced mozzarella or canned tuna.
  2. Dress with virgin olive oil and herbs de Provence or oregano.
  3. Season to taste.