In a time where nutrition and exercise, and the cult of the body in general, are more in fashion than ever before, the consumption of carbs has got an unfair reputation. Many diets reduce or completely eliminate this nutrient, something that can be really harmful for people who practise sport regularly. Carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice or bread are fundamental to maintain our glycogen reserves and provide the body with the energy it needs. Here we list the main benefits of pasta for athletes. Pay attention and enjoy eating your favourite pasta before or after exercising!


1. A healthy (and relaxing) food

Pasta is the perfect food for athletes for many reasons that stem from the same idea: it is healthy and it has many benefits, such as reducing anxiety levels. Therefore, they are perfect to have before a competition, because they will help calm the nerves.


2. A very versatile food

Pasta is an extremely versatile food, so athletes can combine it with many healthy foods such as vegetables, salads, meat or fish. There are as many pasta recipes as you can imagine! And besides being delicious, pasta helps us feel good.


3. Easy digestion

Another benefit of pasta for athletes is its easy digestion. Pasta has the superpower of making us feel full but not making us feel heavy and bloated. It is a very easily digested food and that sits well, so it is perfect to eat before doing sport.


4. Source of energy

When we eat bread, pasta and other carbs, our body absorbs them to create glucose. Glucose is the main fuel of the body so, if an athlete does not eat enough, their body will not have the energy it needs to finish training sessions or competitions. Also, after physical exercise, it is important to replenish our glucose reserves to help the muscles recover.


5. Your brain (also) needs glucose

Did you know that although you brain represents only 2% of your body weight, it consumes a third of your calorie intake? And there’s more: the brain depends almost exclusively on glucose to function properly. Without a sufficient intake of this nutrient, it will have problems staying awake and focused. Without the proper concentration it is impossible to win competitions!

These are just some of the many benefits of pasta for athletes. But there are many more! So, if you are a professional athlete or you just do exercise every once in a while to stay in shape: don’t forget to have pasta and other carbs in your diet! Enjoy a healthy and balanced diet eating what you like most!